About us

General Information

NGO "Pirin TV" NGO was founded in 2003 in Blagoevgrad and is managed by engineer Emil Radev. The main mission of the organization is to protect human rights; Building and strengthening civil society in Bulgaria; Forming a civic culture of awareness and active citizenship among the Bulgarian population. The organization works for cultural, educational, scientific and economic development through the active involvement of people, civil society Sector and institutions. The media partner of NGO "Pirin TV" is Pirin TV.


  • Organization of international, national and regional symposia, seminars, meetings in the country and abroad;
  • Donation and sponsorship for third party projects;
  • Organizing and financing other law-enabled activities related to the objectives of the Association

The main activities that NGO "Pirin TV" performs are work on projects related to:

  1. Education of socially disadvantaged minority groups;
  2. Systematic work with organizations and communities to combat domestic violence against women and children, trafficking in human beings and various forms of crime among minors.
  3. Implementation of TV programs with the theme of popularizing the activities of the European Parliament; The fight against domestic violence; Illicit trafficking in human beings; Violence among young people in schools; Promotion of gender equality and active Involving young people and opportunities for their development.
  4. Developing projects aimed at preventing the illicit trafficking in human beings; Prevention of youth violence in schools;
  5. Developing projects creating an environment for intercultural exchange, integrating young people into the core European democratic values ​​and standards, for the continuity of the idea of ​​Eu- ropean citizenship.